Theoretically I think I understand it, but practically I must be doing something wrong in the syntax. I am still really new to JavaScript in general. I am assigning each of the (page) div's it's own id, I think I am getting that part right, and then I want to assign each of them a background image in the C.S.S.. But I am not sure how I should do this. does the statement start with a "." or "#", and should it go in or out of .b-loads {parameters?}

in my C.S.S.

 .booklet .b-load  {text-align:center; 
 .cover {background-image url(images\00c.png)}
 #genesis01n0001 {background-image url(images\00c.png)}}
In the HTML

<div id="mybook">
 <div class="b-load">
 <div id="cover">
 <h1>The Old Testament!</h1>
 <div id="genesis01n0001"> 
 <h3>In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.</h3>