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    Strategy for making things align properly in all browers?

    I made made a design in chrome and aligned all the elements so that it looked fine in the browser. When I switched to FF and IE the margins were all off. How can I ensure that things like the same on all browsers? I'm pretty new to CSS so maybe I'm not aligning things properly. The website is Glumbo Uploads - Easy way to share your files

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    Hmmm ... I've looked at it in Opera and IE and it looks near enough the same ... what is it that you're not happy with in the IE display?

    As for getting browsers to display consistently ... it isn't easy to get pixel-perfect precision, but one thing that can help is to make sure your code validates - check it in The W3C Markup Validation Service, and you'll see it's flagging a few errors. It looks like they're mostly caused by using self-closing link tags (ie <link ... />), which is required in XHTML but not allowed in HTML (it should be just <link ...>).


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