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    file structure questions

    id    int(10) auto_increment primary key
    team_id  int(10)
    year    varchar(4)
    team   ???
    mascot  ???
    sport   int(11)
    state   int(11)
    conference    ???
    classification  ???

    I have these questions:

    #1 - Should team be an integer linking it to a team table or just put the team name within it.

    #2 - The same question as number one, but pertains to mascot table.

    #3 - Conference would most likely be something similiar "East", "Central", etc. Would it just be best to put that in it, or make a table and put the descriptions in, linking them with a foreign key

    #4 - Same as the above, but would hold information akin to "AAAAA" or "AA", etc..

    Which would be faster and more friendly when trying to extract data/compare things?

    The thing is that each team would have to have conference and classification put together too, like: AAAA East, AA Southwest Things of that nature

    id, team_id, year, school, mascot, sport, state, conference, classification

    1,1,2011,Oak Ridge,Timbers,Football,KY,West,AAA

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    Sorry more questions than answers

    You have a team_id field so presumably you already have a team table with the name of the team in it. So why would you replicate the name in this table?

    What information is this table actually holding - not the fields (you have given them) but it's purpose?

    Am I right in thinking that a lot of the other fields pertain to the team and would more appropriately be part of that table?

    One more thing why does year have a data type of varchar(4) and not integer?

    As a general answer if one or more fields have a fixed set of values and you want to maintain an ensure that consistency then it is usually better to put the possible values in another table and reference them.


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