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    Online Radio Players and 508

    Hi everyone,

    How does one make an online streaming radio player 508? I have been googling for 15 minutes and I can't find anything that relates to my question.

    Is there a pre-built player that can be purchased to fill this need. What can I do to make my own if such a thing does not already exist.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Cloud, I will vouch and say I am the resident 508 expert.

    The way I deem something like that passes 508 is that the station should not automatically start on page load. Also all controls must be operable using the keyboard. In other words, I can hit play/pause, stop, forward, back by tabbing to it and hit the space/enter key to activate it. The volume should also be able to be adjusted using the keyboard, I would say once it is given focus, the arrow keys should adjust it.

    There are none that I know of. This is an accessible YouTube player made by an acquaintance of mine: Easier watching of YouTube videos
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