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Hi Paul,
It might be worth a shot to see if you can merge my script into your page and eliminate the empty clone div. Seeing that it is standard javascript it should not have any conflict with the jQuery plugin stripping the slides out of the DOM.
Hi Ray,

I already tried a similar script to yours and couldn't get it to work but I tried yours anyway and ran into the same issues.

The problem is that once the slider is running it removes the slides from the dom and then inserts them one at a time. Therefore when your script runs on resize it only finds the one element and cannot determine the tallest element.

I've uploaded a new example to add the clone div via js so now the mark up is clean and will work with any number of slides automatically and maintain a consistent height on screen resize.

It seems to be working everywhere (more or less) but I don't know what the implications are of having the slides cloned. I guess if you had hundreds of them then there would be overheads to consider so some other method would be preferable.

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I *thought* the solution I posted did everything we all wanted?
As Ray said you are manually setting a min-height which means that if you change the content in the slides you will also have to manually adjust the css to match. Which is fine if you want to do that

However your method still doesn't cater for when the screen is resized smaller. Just resize your browser to the min-width and you will see that the page starts jumping up and down again.

We were looking for an automatic solution that adjusts to the tallest content in the slider even when the screen is resized smaller or larger.