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    Lightbulb Code reviews

    If you are looking for a code review or suggestions on how to improve on code you've written then please prefix the summary of your thread with [Code Review]. That will alert our resident experts to comment on the code you have written.

    Please do not use the Code review title for normal bug hunting, but rather when you have accomplished something and wonder if you could have done it better.

    It is preferable to post the snippet of code in question as well as a link to the site to help in working out what issues need to be addressed. Don't just link to the whole site and say review this code, be specific about what you want reviewed.

    Please use the highlight function with the appropriate syntax.
    To highlight your code as javascript, select your code, and then from the Select Syntax... dropdown list, choose JavaScript.

    That will wrap your code in tags like this:

    var someValue = 0;
    var anotherValue = 'something else';
    doSomething(someValue, anotherValue);

    Which causes your code to be displayed like this:

    Code javascript:
    var someValue = 0;
    var anotherValue = 'something else';
    doSomething(someValue, anotherValue);

    Highlighting your code with the appropriate syntax makes it much easier for people to read and understand your code, which in turn makes it easier for them to help with your code.

    Be aware that you may get conflicting and opposing views from different people. Ultimately it will be your task to sift through the information and make a decision based on what you have read. There is usually no one perfect way to do something, although there are established best practices.

    Remember this is just about reviewing the code only, as website Design elements and Content reviews already have their own forums.

    If this facility proves useful then these reviews may get their own dedicated forum at a later date.
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