Wondering if anyone could help me with a inner join query which is confusing me

SELECT photographic_schedule.user_id, photographic_users.name, photographic_schedule.appointment_type, photographic_schedule.live, photographic_schedule.the_date, photographic_schedule.event_begin_time, photographic_schedule.event_end_time
FROM photographic_schedule
INNER JOIN photographic_users ON photographic_schedule.user_id = photographic_users.user_id
WHERE photographic_schedule.appointment_type =98
OR photographic_schedule.appointment_type =99
AND photographic_schedule.live =1
AND photographic_schedule.the_date = '2011-03-17'
My problem being this part AND photographic_schedule.the_date = '2011-03-17'. Which it seems to ignore If I change this to any date, ie 2011-03-18, 2011-11-21 it still returns all results in my database regardless of the date?