Hi All

I have a cities and a votes database.

CITIES contains id,name,province fields.

VOTES contains id,city,water,sanitation,elec,roads,health,housing fields.

I am using the following statement to get initial data...

Code MySQL:
SELECT cities.name,cities.province,
    ROUND(AVG(votes.water)) as water,
    ROUND(AVG(votes.elec)) as elec,
    ROUND(AVG(votes.sanitation)) as sanitation,
    ROUND(AVG(votes.housing)) as housing,
    ROUND(AVG(votes.roads)) as roads,
    ROUND(AVG(votes.health)) as health,
    COUNT(votes.id) AS votes
FROM cities
INNER JOIN votes ON votes.city = cities.id
GROUP BY cities.id

This produces the following results...

What I now need to add to the above statement is to create a field that averages water,elec,sanitation,housing,roads and health from the generated results.

Is that possible?