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    Sample email/letter for cold-call?

    In my local paper, there are many advertisements for companies where they don't list a website and use a generic ISP email address. I would like to contact these companies directly and try to obtain some business. (I do web design/hosting.)

    Does anyone have a sample email, letter or anything else (even phone script) that could help me out?

    I'm not very good at initiating contact or sales, so I'm very nervous and have no idea how to start. (I've always waited for people to come to me.)

    Should I just phone them up and say, "Hey, do you want a website?" Should I email them with a "why you need a website/custom email address" type of speech? How do I figure out who to even speak with?

    Thanks for any help!
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    IMHO you should ask to speak to someone in marketing. If that fails then try the IT manager. He/she would probably be flattered!

    I'd cold call to get an email address (most receptionists will just hand it over without thinking ... "Hi, I'm calling from a design company and I need your marketing director's email address .... ")

    Then look carefully at their online offerings and DON'T CRITICISE THEM TOO HARSHLY!!! Even if there website is absolutely sh*te, find things you can say you like about it. If you just tell them that what they're doing is rubbish you'll put their backs up and they won't give you any business!

    Once you've caressed their ego a bit, line that up with "have you ever thought about doing this. we find that this works well but you're not doing that yet." Back this up with reasoning why they should consider that route and examples of work as to how you've implemented whatever solution you're suggesting before.

    What you're doing it starting almost as a free consultant and working your way in with a "well, I can look at that for you if you like" when it comes to a meeting situation.

    Good luck!



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