Hi there,

I'm pretty brand new at coding and building webstuff (one finished project of 7 pages only!), but, for my next trick, I have to redesign and update this:

DIAL South Worcestershire

for obvious reasons!

Mainly the site provides information to people with disabilities (hence the sweet left hand frame!) with each of those pages providing a list of relevant services.

I've been thinking that if I could use SQL to store information on each service or organisation listed then this would provide a way to display entries in a uniform way and make the site much more manageable in general. I also want to add a 'News' page that allows blog entries to keep things fresh, so I figure that this could make use of SQL also?!

My question is how would I go about learning to do this? For reference, I flunked a class on MS Access about ten years ago and have recently spent about three hours relearning the basics, so, yeah, be gentle!

But seriously, I'm looking to develop my web skills as much as possible and this seems like the perfect project to learn and use SQL on, so any and all suggestions would be awesome!