To all of you database gurus!

I am working on a sports-type database that goes from year to year. Each year the team changes, but not the name. Does anyone have any idea where I might find something similiar online I could get some ideas from?

For example:

Team: Oak Ridge
Mascot: Timbers
Sport: Football
Year: 2011
State: Somewhere

Each year, the Team and Mascot SHOULD stay the same, but how would I go about storing data for that year?

Is something like this the only way?:

ID, Team, Mascot, Sport, Year
1, Oak Ridge, Timbers, 7, 2011, stats here
2, Oak Ridge, Timbers, 7, 2012, stats here
3, Adamfield, Hornets, 7, 2011, stats here
4, Oak Ridge, Savages, 7, 2013, stats here
5, Pvt Dan, Soldiers, 7, 2014, stats here

* 7 = Football ( from another table )

You should also notice the mascot change in line 4, from Timbers to Savages. It would be the same school, but they decided to change their name.

In reality, the actual school name COULD change over time, like naming it for a fallen soldier or something. I would like to be able to pull up a listing of them like that also, as a history.

2011 Oak Ridge Timbers - stats here
2012 Oak Ridge Timbers - stats here
The school decided to change their mascot
2013 Oak Ridge Savages - stats here
Then the school even changed their name AND mascot
2014 Private Dan Soldiers - stats here

This might be too complicated, but I thought I would just try and ask.

Any ideas please?