The other day surfing the internet I came across this tutorial about programming Ruby and after finishing reading it I immediately decided to by the book ďLearn To ProgramĒ from The Pragmatic Bookshelf to see how different this language was and to my surprise the language is different and the syntax seems to be easer and cleaner, at least different than the languages Iím a little familiar with (Actionscript 3.0, a little JavaScript, and currently learning PHP).

The other good reason I see by learning this new language is that it could be used for the Web and to create desktop applications, I know that there is a lot of controversy about PHP frameworks vs Ruby on Rails but Iím planning on learning more about PHP as well since itís a well known language and it cannot be ignored since its used on most of the CMS.

Sorry for making this too long but I just wanted to share my short experience with Ruby, now I need to ask a question.

Iím currently using the command line to execute the little programs that I have been practicing with and I was wondering what is needed if I would want to run (install) a program made with Ruby on a machine that doesnít have Ruby installed? I know I would need Rails for the web but for desktop applications?

Do I need some sort of compiler?

How can I create buttons, text fields etc. for desktop applications?

Sorry Iím new to this language and to the programming world in general.

Thanks a lot