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Thread: a form problem.

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    a form problem.


    This is the code I've on my form:

    <form action="thank.htm" method="post" name="formulario">
          <input type=hidden name="mail" value="">
          <input type=hidden name="email_subject" value="teste">
    <table width="582" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="10">
          <td width="121"> 
            <span class="texto">Name:</span> 
          <td width="451"> 
            <input type="text" name="identity" size="30" value="">
        <td width="121"> <span class="texto">mail:</span></td>
        <td width="451"> 
          <input type="text" name="mail" size="30" value="">
    Well. It doesn't work. I don't received any email with the information about the fields' form.

    I'm looking for a code that redirects the page after the user submits to the thank.htm page. And I want to received all the information in the mail.

    I've another away, but I don't want like this. Because when u click on submit appear an alert box of IE. And it seems that the email_subject doesn't work. But with this code I receveid the information on my mail.
    <form action="" enctype="text/plain"  method="post" name="formulario" onsubmit="window.location='thank.htm'">
    <input type=hidden name="email_subject" value="teste" >
    Thank you.
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