This is classis 4 application, not an mvc application. I need advice setting up the navigation...

I already have navigatyion as List<T> nodes (name, description, url)

Some nodes may have child nodes (only one level) and show on mouse over.

I have the css and js in place and working great with static test navigation. I need advice about

1. Should i use a menu control or a nested repeater control. The nested one is for the child item?
2. I need to apply a class to parent ul and to parent li that has a child ul.
3. I need to apply a "select" class to the parent li to show it as a selected node if the page showing is the same or is from under child nodes.

I need a kick in the right direction.

A sister application is in mvc, should i call an action that returns a partial view? Both are under the same domain...