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    Question Fixed width layout with a protruding div - scrolling?

    I have a fixed width layout (based on a grid structure) but I have one pop out element that I want to protrude from the right side.

    This works fine, but it means that there is a horizontal scrollbar at 1024 resolutions - the pop out element makes the page too wide.

    (see the attached picture for a better idea - Green is the 960 wide page, Red is the pop out element, and the dotted line is the browser window)

    With my design it doesn't actually matter if the popout is off the right of the screen, in fact it works better.

    But I can't think of any way of getting rid of the horizontal scroll bar (short of just turning it off, which i don't want to do for accessibility reasons). There's no way to make a browser ignore an element, right?

    Also, there's no way to have a div's background extend beyond the borders of the div, right? (at least not in most browsers).

    Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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