actually i have asked this question in many pleases with no luck
fianlly some one guided me here to seek an advice...please..

i have run the following query in the database
SELECT bad_rows. * FROM post AS bad_rows
SELECT threadid, dateline, username, userid, MIN( postid ) AS min_postid FROM post
GROUP BY threadid, dateline, userid
HAVING count( * ) >1
) AS good_rows ON good_rows.threadid = bad_rows.threadid
AND good_rows.dateline = bad_rows.dateline
AND good_rows.userid = bad_rows.userid
AND good_rows.min_postid <> bad_rows.postid
in phpmyadmin, it displayed the results of 4000 duplicate entries
i have tried to delete them, with no luck...

any idea how to introduce some changes to the code, or inject another code to delete the duplicate entries (leaving one of them)

in simple example
there is an two records (two rows) which shares different id, but both share exactly the duplicate contents including the columns vlauses (also dublicate) , time of the post (also dublicate) etc.. the only difference is the id only.

any idea please?