I had PHP 4.1.1 working and wanted to upgrade to PHP 4.2.2 (needed a function not offered in the PHP 4.1 series).

SO i downloaded PHP 4.2.2 and unzipped it to my PHP dir. Things didn't work good so I downloaded a pre-setup package with PHP 4.2.2 and Apache 1.3.whatever.

Without much luck and allot of messing around and trying to configure things manually I currently have this

In the Apache Dos prompt window it says "Apache/1.3.6 (Win32)PHP 4.2.2 running..."

However if i use phpinfo() to display php info it says it is version 4.1.1 I know it is 4.2.2 since i copied the files there myself just to check.

Some pages will work and some will give server 500 errors. The paths seem to be wrong as relative links in files such as /site/includes/dbconnect.php are correct (worked before upgrade) but now give errors.

Any idea's? I'm downloading another package called Foxserv but maybe old config files left else where are conflicting.