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    Community Building Primer

    These comments are in regards to the article \'Community Building Primer\'.

    I think one point this article forgets to mention is the power in building a community out of several sites.

    The PHP Developer's Network ( works off the simple premise that we have several websites in our network. Now, each website may have had an active forum area to some extent, but since our users were much the same people, did they really want to signup each time for each forum? And even then, how many users would sign up for one but leave the other one alone?

    Joining forces has helped us tremendously, and one of the greatest things to come out of us joining together is the PHPDN forums. 1 Group of forums for 6 websites. It's hosted on the network site, and is meant to be a unified forum, a singular place that each site can take credit for, and yet share.

    Not only do visitors to my site have that single place to call home, but the other webmasters that belong to the network have a forum for their site as well.

    This is much how SitePoint does it, they have several sites, each site is a targetted site. The difference here is the all of site points sites are run by the same people, while the PHPDN Forums are run by 6 different individuals who joined together.

    I found this to be the biggest reasons for the success of the PHPDN Forums.

    If you want to visit the PHPDN:
    The PHPDN Forums:

    Jason Lotito
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    Thanks for the feedback on my article. You are totally correct that creating a community for multiple sites will not only boost the forum's activity level, but give it a better chance for success. It is indeed convenient to have one account for multiple (network) sites versus each having their own separate community.

    I was aware of this when writing the article, and probably could have mentioned it, but it's something I felt would only work best with vBulletin. I wanted to have a general article laying out the groundwork in launching a community so going into specifics about a certain software would give too much emphasis on one product.

    In vB, you can using "co-branding" to alter the look of a forum for multiple sites so they can essentially put their own logo and color scheme on it. It's a good idea and something I've always wanted to do. Fortunately, vB 3 has much improved abilities for this so I'm waiting for that. Thanks again.


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