Hi all,

Since I delved into web design during the css times Iv pretty much managed to miss out on tabular layout and now Im struggling to understand colspan and hope someone can enlighten me.

Iv got this 3 row table:

<table width="600" bgcolor="grey" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
        <td width="600" colspan="3" bgcolor="#DF0DC7">text</td>
		<td width="425" bgcolor="#099F47" colspan="2">text</td>
		<td width="175" bgcolor="#ff0000">text</td>		
		<td width="50" bgcolor="#343434">text</td>
		<td width="500" bgcolor="#dedede">text</td>
		<td width="50" bgcolor="#09249F">text</td>
I understand that the first row has to span across the 3 columns in the 3rd row, but how do I make the 2nd and 3rd row columns the size iv assigned them?