I have a strange problem here.

I just took over an existing WordPress project, and did a full backup of the project and re-created everything on my local dev server (WAMP).

I also did a full backup of the MySQL db (simple export via phpMyAdmin) and recreated the db on my local MySQL installation.

Everything runs fine and smooth, except one MySQL query:

It is a slightly complexer INNER JOIN and the query takes app. 2 sec on the Live Server (tested via phpMyAdmin) but it takes 20 sec (!) on the local dev server.

I never had that situation, usually the local dev is always faster than the Live Server.

I have run and tested this query in 2 WAMP installations and in ZendServer, with multiple MySQL versions and it is always around 20 sec on my local dev.

The query includes 3 tables, all indexes are the same as on the live server, I have even re-created each one of the indexes - it did not help.

Any ideas / suggestions what might be the problem ?

Thanx in advance for your help !

- M