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    Use trigger to update ENUM field in another table

    Is it possible to define a trigger on table A, which updates the enum values of table B based on the values in table A?

    If I've got an enum field in my products table for 'productType'
    alter table products add productType enum('BSK', 'CK','PDD')
    , and I want to store a more textual representation of these codes in a productTypes table
    CREATE TABLE productTypes
    	typeCode VARCHAR(10),
    	typeText VARCHAR(200)
    INSERT INTO productTypes VALUES("BSK","Biscuits"), ("CK","Cakes"),("PDD","Puddings")
    If I want another productType value, I'd have to insert it into productTypes, and change the productType enum in products. Can I use a trigger to do this whenever the prodyctTypes table is changed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hessodreamy View Post
    Can I use a trigger to do this whenever the prodyctTypes table is changed?
    i suppose you could, if you really wanted to, but why?

    since you already have a producttypes table in mind, which will contain all the valid codes, you really shouldn't be using an evil ENUM

    use a foreign key instead -- same data integrity, but also portable to other database systems (ENUM is non-standard)...

    ... and no trigger necessary | @rudydotca
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