Just to note, this is a message I posted in the client area of Communitech.net, so some things may pertain to CT in this post, but it pretty much covers everything that leads up to my question.

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Hello Everyone,
Up until now, I had no real need to post anything to these boards, however as of late I've been somewhat "terrified" so to speak. I myself, have been involved in the Internet for over 5 years now, and have been with approx. 13 web host in the last 3 years, ranging from Corporations, Start-ups, and Resellers. So I have my share of knowledge of the pros and cons of hosting, and the ends and outs. But even with those (limited) "qualifications" I still lack a great amount of hosting knowledge for my "dossier" if you will.

Which leads me to my "inaugural post." I begin to question the best interest of my company with all the recent issues concerning CPU usage, and getting the axe by Communitech's version of Wes Craven's 'Freddy Krueger' character; The Reaper.

I don't know if I should prepare for a "Crash Landing" (wondering the difference between a crash landing and a emergency landing, hmm...?) onto 1428 Elm Street, or am I in good hands...?

Fact: CommuniTech.Net has several faults either we admit them, or we don't. Them being; Customer Support Quality, Lack of Communication (which seems to be improving), Misleading Advertising (Although some is outdate, and some just shows lack of CT will power to update/change, this causes allegations of false advertisement for some, emphasis on some.) and most of all, failure to offer what is stated as being offered (which many of you will question me on, but truth is, services say they are being offered ... but some people are unable to utilize them, either this be personal fault, or CT fault; something needs to be done about it.)

So, now that we know the truth (IMO), I present you with the latter of my synopsis:

I am in the process of the initial stages of a start-up Entertainment & Media Corporation that was recently formed, and I as Chairman & CEO of said Corporation is responsible for the well being of the Corporation; then the CT issues.

I admit, I am at fault for my ignorance in setting up a robust service & product site on virtual servers, however at the time we were a lowly internet start-up with no revenue, capital, or initial public funding (for you non-business types, "mullah" aka "legal currency"), therefore at the time dedicated access was out of the picture.

But now, we have got through the initial stages of our start-up process ... we have a business plan, we have a marketing plan, we have our product, we have our service, and we have our employees. Now we are waiting our funding; coming soon as the movies say. Once this rolls in (which is a already guaranteed thing, nothing on the lines of "Freeway Hope," or highway for the matter), we plan to invest into an initial advertising budget that would in return send over 1,000,000 viewers to our various web sites.

Everyone does see a problem now right? 1 mil visitors, Extensive Audio & Video content, (Emphasis on this) Excessive CGI Scripts, CommuniTech.Net, Virtual Servers, $30 Milwaukee Bucks per month ... something isn't right, oh yeah; CT WILL CAN YOU.

Why? Yes, it is true they offer Unlimited Bandwidth (to a very reasonable extent of which I am grateful, no pun intended.) But people mislead Unlimited Bandwidth for CPU Usage (Running different modules, scripts etc.). It is not that they can you for being successful, but the analogy "Ignorant Bob went to Sun Systems for a personal computer. Non-Ignorant Bob Inc. went to Sun Systems for a Business Server." comes into place. Point being, the ignorant version of Bob went to Sun to get a personal computer, which will cause a big headache since Sun is a Business Systems company to coin it, but this isn't Sun's fault that he has a headache, he should of been aware of Sun's purposes. Now, Non-Ignorant Bob Inc., the big corporation made a great choice (hypothetically speaking), using a business machine for business purposes.

So now, you ask what is the point? Point being, I was ignorant and put domains of such probable traffic onto a virtual servers of CT. My fault, not CT's. But now, realizing my ignorance I wish to ask all of you who have sat here reading my blabbering so far: Whom do you recommend for the best overall dedicated server package? Customer Service, Features, Ease of Use etc.

I realize that all of these won't be applicable to one host (although I WISH it could be), but whatever applies; I appreciate personal opinion from either knowledge or experience (wait ... thatís an oxymoron, but you get the picture; right?).

Here are a few things to take in mind about our venture:
- We will be running a news commentary site (i.e. newsweek.com / time.com)
- We will be running a general sports news site (i.e. cnnsi.com / espn.com)
- We will be running an entertainment, and technology network site (i.e. ugo.com / ign.com)
- We will be running an entertainment production site (i.e. a company that specializes in writing scripts and screen plays for commercials, TV shows, and movies sells the script and/or produces the project)

Those are 4 of the 5 projects we will be parenting and will have up by First Quarter 2001 (all opening over 2d & 3d quarter of 2000), I would mention the 5th project, but it is of the nature of a unique project. Buzz! ... Case closed on that one.

So basically what I need to know is, which services should I look into for dedicated server access, where is a good resource for comparing host (so I won't make anymore ignorant moves), what is a good resource for getting technical jargon for dedicated access, and what type of pricing am I looking at? Emphasis on the latter.

Replies via post, or e-mail will be appreciated.

I apologize for the long post. But as you can see, I'm a journalist, executive, and consumer all in one, therefore I get paid to blabber, but stick to the point. :-)

Also, just to note ... I have no problems with CT (other than lack of support, and the recent degrade of features, which was not in CTs hand; to some extent), but when it comes to my business affairs it is very important. However with my personal hosted CT site, I have no problems.


Jeff Rambo
Chairman and CEO
Internet Sourceline, Inc.

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