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    The Web Design Business Kit, 3rd Edition

    SitePointís best-ever selling product, The Web Design Business Kit, has been completely overhauled and updated for 2011′s competitive market.
    Watch the video, or read below and find out how Peter Williams will help you start or expand your own Web Design business by using this popular Kit.

    Hi, Iím Pete Williams and Iím the author of the Web Design Business Kit.

    Iíve got an unusual background for a guy whoís been running Web businesses in that Iím an accountant, but I started using the Web back in 1993, and I
    kicked off a Web Consulting business back in 1996. Subsequent to that I was the CEO of Australiaís largest Web company, which ended up being about a
    $20m business with 140 people.

    So Iíve gone through the whole process of starting up and building a successful, high-profile Web Design business.

    The thing about the kit is that, because Iíve got that business and accounting background, I can teach you not just about how you go about building great
    web sites, but also answer things like:

    * How do I start my business?
    * What sort of structure should I have?
    * What do I need to do if I want to employ people?
    * How do I manage the cashflow and budgeting for my business?
    * Whatís the best way to manage projects?
    * How do I build as culture?
    * How do I develop people in my business to help it grow and help them
    lead and expand the stuff we do in the business?
    * How do I keep pace with changing technology? Because itís happening faster and faster, and successful businesses have to be careful they donít fall
    off the back. If the worldís all moved to mobile and weíre still doing eLearning
    stuff from the 1990′s weíll all be in trouble!

    Through the Kit, youíre going to learn about business as well as Web Design. And really, the whole idea of this Kit is that you can use it as a complete
    reference guide, or pick it up whenever youíre facing a new challenge, such as:

    * I need to hire an accountant
    * What should I do about a lawyer?
    * How do I arrange a relationship with my Bank Manager?
    * How do I do performance reviews for my staff?
    * How do I cost a job?
    * How do I make sure my jobs arenít running out of control?
    * How do I make sure my business is running profitably and Iíve got the
    cashflow that I need to keep the business running?

    Thereís a a whole raft of stuff in the Web Design Business Kit, and if youíre running a Web business I think itíll be crucial for you. You can learn a lot from
    what Iíve learned over the years about growing a successful Web business, but you can also learn from the mistakes Iíve made:

    * How to avoid the wrong clients
    * How to go after the right sort of clients
    * How to build your business around clients
    * How to expand into new offices or new territories

    So, get the Kit and use it Ė Iím pretty excited about it, and I think youíll really find it useful in building your own Web Design business.

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    Hi - I have a question, has the kit been prepared with United Kingdom (England) in mind. How applicable are the legal documents and the advice/tips for a business in the UK. Or to be more precise which parts of the kit will need to be modified or adapted to reflect the UK (England) business environment - thanking in advance.

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    Hi mnaseersj,

    Most of the documents in the kit will need to be slightly amended or adapted no matter what country you are in.

    The legal documents contained in the kit are mainly agreements and contracts. The general template will be something you can use, but you may need to make adjustments to suit your business/situation/place of business.

    The advice and tips will definitely be applicable no matter where you are!

    Hope that helps - let me know if you have any other questions.


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