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    they offer exactly the same packages, have exactly the same faq etc. is it a scam or what ? are there any people using one of these companies(?) services ?

    p.s. urls:
    also notice the offer ends today + 1 (see source)

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    super nu has a couple of different names, as far as I know it isn't a scam, but there was some reason I didn't host with them way back when I was looking for a host (this was over a year ago).

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    its no scam is the original, the rest are resellers, for example, another is , and there are tons of others with the same stuff...

    the today + 1 deal is basically a marketing method of theirs to get u to sign up NOW !!! . hahaha ...

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    Federico Carnales
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    Please watch your language, RAGE.


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    oops, sorry


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