I am starting a re-design of a website based on the client's mock-up they have provided. It's going to be a very simple design. But, evidently, simple can be the most aggravating! LOL

Here is the CSS: http://www.benefitsus.com/sitestyle.css
Here is the page: http://www.benefitsus.com/index-build.php

I have no idea why the #top-nav div is wanting to mimic the #left-nav div.
The #top-nav div has a different background image (a long bar that I still need to resize) and no <li>. The 3 links for that div will be straight across, using a | as a divider. This you can see in the HTML.

What am I missing that, surely must be plainly obvious, would be causing the #top-nav to mimic the #left-nav?