I developed an Intranet site in work some time ago specifically for IE5. At a later date we discovered some customers were using Netscape 4.04 so I downloaded a copy and redesigned the site to work in that browser version.

Although it works albeit not reliably for me now, unfortunately the customer is incurring much more serious problems that I am not. For instance each page reloads maybe 10-20 times before crashing. I have never seen this but have had pages crash on one occasion and not on others.

I have uploaded the site for testing purposes to my own webspace. I'd be very very grateful if someone would look at it in Netscape 4.04 and help me get to the root of the problems. I rather suspect there's some sort of conflict with the JS/DHTML but as I have copy and pasted it all (I can't write from scratch) I don't know where to start in order to fix it.


Many thanks.