I have designed a web site for a client and I have established a resellers account with a web host. I have registered the client's domain name and have requested it to be sent to the host nameservers. The registrar is now requiring a fax with the signature of the owner (the client) giving permission to transfer the domain name. This was never told to me, and I am wondering in the future, how should I go about registering and transferring a domain name to my web host without involving the client? The registrar I have dealt with is namesecure.com and I don't know if this type of policy is normal. Also, as a virtual web host, is it customary for me to be billed for the domain name registration when it comes due and then bill the client, or would that normally go to the client directly? I want most of the registration to be transparent to the client, and possibly be able to make some profit by finding a special deal on registration pricing. Thanks!