Hi guys!

Thanks to help I got regarding a question about adding "scoring" option to a table, I've since made the changes, but the query I've ended up with is very slow previously, fractions of a second, whereas now it's 9+ seconds:

SELECT bookmarks.id, links.user_id, bookmarks.url, bookmarks.title, SUBSTR(bookmarks.snippet, 1, 100) as snippet, GROUP_CONCAT(tags.tag) AS tags, bookmarks.datetime, links.status FROM bookmarks, links, tags WHERE (links.status = 'public') AND (links.bookmark_id = bookmarks.id) AND (tags.bookmark_id = bookmarks.id) GROUP BY bookmarks.id ORDER BY bookmarks.datetime DESC LIMIT 0, 9
Just to recap, the status and user_id columns in the link table were previously in the bookmark table.

So now, I can better track how many times the same bookmark has been added, and build some kind of ranking system.

I'm not a MySQL expert, and I'd really appreciate any pointers here on how to speed this query right up!