My web host supports Ruby on Rails and Wordpress, amongst others. From what I understand, Django which is based on Python has strengths in doing web sites, and Ruby on Rails has strengths in web apps. And, here's a link I found on the difference between web apps and web sites. Writing in Python is something I would like to do, however I don't believe my shared host supports it. Conversely, PHP is also a candidate for creating web apps and web sites. Within PHP web frameworks, there's CakePHP, Symfony, and Zend Framework, amongst others.

I decided that whatever technology I ultimately will use, will be both a web framework and a Content Management System. Reading before that if your website is more content based; a content management system is good for that is something I researched. I have narrowed down my choices in technology to Wordpress or Radiant CMS. The CMS I will choose will be for a blog and an interactive educational portal web site.

My question is, which is better if you are both a web developer and web designer and want one that it is good for good programming practices, clean code, good design, etc.? I would like my site to be unique, so I believe I may be leaning more towards Radiant CMS, except I possibly may need validation. Anybody with any experiences on these two CMS, I appreciate any insights, or feedback. Also, if you feel there's a technology I'm missing that's good for the kind of web site I mentioned, don't hesitate to respond!

P.S. I realize I may get opinionated answers and that's OK!