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    Just thought I would give you a more detailed help.

    One thing is for sure, the people who would search for freebie are definitely interested in getting free stuff. So, they would definitely signup for different items.

    So, you have to tune in your affiliate program links. Put yourself in the reader's eyes and ask yourself "what would I be most likely to click on"?

    Just for an example, you have fine tune your affiliate link ads really good. And out of 1000 clicks you purchases, 50 close your site immediately after visiting. Because 100 of them have to go for dinner, 10 to a party and another 30 to work and other 50 died. (j/k)

    So you are left with 900. So, out of 900 you make 100 people to go to the XBOX ad and another 100 to the label boy ad. Congrats! You have covered up your costs. Now whatever the rest of the users signup for, its your bonus.

    Note: The programs I have used in this post are real, and do exists. Some other programs include:,,, and etc.

    Let me know if you need any help, and I would be glad to do so! - $36/year web hosting [affiliates earn 30%]
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    "500mb space, 10gb bandwith, 50 pop/ftp accounts, php,
    mysql, pre-installed php scripts, 24/7 support & more...."

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    Arrow Refreshing !

    Omair Haroon,

    Thank you for being so open about the programs that you are doing well (or have done well) with !

    Certainly, I've lost money even in PPC ads. for good freebie leads, but well, I had no time to scrutinize & tweak.
    However, spending 100-200$ on that was a good enough experiment....


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