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    Angry very weird: where is that pop-up coming from???

    i hope i'm asking this in the right forum:
    my company's web site is and it specializes in display and exhibit design and manufacturing (this is NOT an ad, please read forward and you will see why i am mentioning this)
    one of our distributors claims that sometimes, when he goes to our web site, is not th eonly thing he gets. he also gets a pop-up window from a company whose web site is
    our companies are from the same industry (that's why the explanation at the beginning of my post), so it seems like somehow it gets detected and a pop-up comes. but HOW???
    i reviewed our home page, and there's no pop-up script on it of any kind.
    the guy is using IE6, if that helps any.
    i think it is totally bizzare for it to happen.
    the only explanation i can possibly come up with is if he uses kazaa or any similar thing. i never used one, so i am not sure exactly how they work, but as far as i understand it constantly runs in the background, so may be it has some kind of mechanism to "trace" the web sites he visits and then give him pop-ups. i am not sure how crazy this idea sounds, but i have no other explanation.
    may somebody can shed a light on this mistery?
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    Have you examined the other companies website?
    Does your client also use their website? They may very well have some malicious code that would cause that effect. Does your client come to YOUR website straight from theirs? It's possible that their website has a timed popup window set to go off x seconds after leaving. It's called an onUnload event handler. It's really nasty because it makes untrained users think that the site they're currently on is spawning the popup.
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    Sounds like Spyware

    If not Kazaa, then maybe Gator or someone else? I'd recommend they install and run Ad Aware to see if there's anything that's lurking on their system and serving up ads to them when they visit your site.

    Let us know if you find out what it it!


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