We have a new sign-in pop-up Window that is based on a Modal Window design. You can see it:
1- Go here

2- Click on the sign-in icon which is the blue image on the right lower corner
with letter a on it.

Once you do the sign-in Window pops up where you can enter your Username & Password. So the sign-in works OK under all Web browsers, but NOT under!
That is under IE after the user submits the form, the sign-in Modal Window just seats there and does not show the result of the submission.
What do we need to to do correct this under IE?

What in Gods name is wrong with IE? Almost always it is the browser that does not render a look/process correctly in contrast to all other Web browsers! Sheeeesh M$

P.S., I am not sure if this message should be posted under CSS, HTML, Javascript, or Php! Since the problem can be due to either of these. So sorry if this is not the exact correct location for this post.