Hey guys,

Does anyone know for a decent shopping cart script?
I am working on an ecommerce site and I am a newbie to this type of site. I am using zencart at the moment but I am a control freak and I don't want
to have to hack other people's code to get things to look how I want them.

Although I admire how clever this package is and how easy it makes it for folk to create cms sites, I don't want to have to click and drag around catalogue items because why did I learn PHP in the first place? Basically what I want is:
1: To write a separate front-end CMS script which retrieves the catalogue items from the database and presents them exactly how I want them.

2. Attach a third party shopping cart script which keeps itself informed using the same database and does all of the usual shopping cart duties, payment processing and inventory.

So I want a bolt on shopping cart for an existing site.
Can anyone advise me, maybe I have the wrong impression?