Hi there,

I have 16 participants. Each participant has it's own "row" in the database, including the columns place1, place2, place3, ..., all the way to place16. These "place" columns in the rows indiciate how many times a participant has been voted for that respective place. For example, if place10 column = "1337" for a row, that particular participate was voted 1337 times to win 10th place in this competition.

Now the hard part is syndicating all of these data into meaningful results.

What I am trying to do is: how can I display a list of results for all 16 people where the most votes for place1 is put in the first row of the result set, the most votes for place2 is put in the second row of the result set, the most votes for place3 is put in the third row of the result set, etc... is this possible? I don't want to do this with 16 queries to find out...

Any help is mightily appreciated. Thank you in advanced.