Hey guys,

Simple question really, I've googled it but couldn't get a straight answer.
Basically I wanna know, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a lookup table for .. pretty much any tables, because I want to keep my tables consistent.

I have a news table, then i have a games table, then I have a category table.
I have a lookup table that puts the news article into a 'game' and a 'category'.
Without even thinking about it, I added comments to be allowed on each article and made a table 'news_comments' with a 'news_Id) foreign key in it, rather then having a seperate lookup table to join the 2, but after thought, its mixed up now isn't it, lookup tables for some tables, and foreign keys on the actual data row.

What's your preference, am I being too much of a perfectionist, and over complicating things?

Thanks in advanced for any input!