Hi all,

I'm working on something using a client's CMS. This has built in classes which are used to display text on a decorative background - so it looks like an email, or a handwritten note.

My problem is that I need to make these wider if possible, as the default width isn't really wide enought to contain the content they want to put in them. I can't access the CSS that defines the attributes of these classes so I need to do it using inline style but I can't get it to work!

<div class="email1_top">
<div class="email1_bottom">
<div class="email1">
Content goes here!
I thought that adding style to each div would work i.e.
<div class="email1_top" style="width:###px";>
but this obviously just widens the div and not the image displayed by the class selector.

I've also tried adding:
<style type="text/css">
.email1_top { width:###px; }
in the html, but this doesn't work - I guess because the CMS editor only allows me to edit a large container div on the page and not the <head>

Given all this is it possible to add an inline width attribute that will alter this class?!! Sorry I can't link anything - I'm pretty sure it could get me in trouble! They're an international company and I'm working on some copyright material that's not in the public domain as yet. And yes, it's a fair question as to why they hired me!

Thanks for any help!