I finally have enough money to buy a decent new computer. I was thinking I should wait until the Pentium IV is out and buy a new P-IV system to keep on top of things.

Does anyone know when the P-IV will be here? The Pentium III has been here for quite a while now, in fact for about 1 and a half years. I figure it is about time that the P-IV is released.

I have read a newspaper article on the P-IV's release, but I have forgotten everything I have read. I can't find any info anywhere.

Another thing: If I had a choice, I'd get an Athlon-based system, but I am going to be ordering online and the manufacturer I chose to purchase from (Dell) doesn't let you order Athy-based systems online. Does anyone know if I can get one somehow?

Thanks guys!

Aidan Bahta

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