I have just registered the domain webmaster-tutorials.com

I plan to start working on this site early October as I am currently finishing off a site at the moment. I was wondering if anyone would like to work with me on this one. I would like to work with someone as I wnat to get some more ideas for content and also would need help building the site as its going to be large and would best be run asp or php with a database of which i have NO experience but am learning and this will help me learn aswell :-)

Would anyone be interested ? I was thinking of the ultimate tutorial place on the web. It could have sections for graphics programs, programming, flash etc.. It would also be a good place to introduce a forum I think too..

Just to let you know some stuff about me. I'm from the U.K, I know html very well, and am capable of using javascripts (cut and paste). I know photoshop, flash a bit, notepad etc... i have access to all the programs I need here at work... I also think although I am a kinda newbie (3 months) I am capable of a proffesional looking design. my current site is http://users.breathemail.net/daniel.clough

see what you think. Obviously I would be looking for someone that could help me build this large site in asp or php or whatever would be best. I would also like to know how you would go about a partnership with someone ?

Thank you