Wow, I was pretty amazed to hear that the WHATWG (the group leading the HTML5 charge) has decided to drop the "5" in the name and just call it HTML from now on—on the grounds that it's really a "living" and evolving standard that shouldn't be pinned down with a version number.

SitePoint has already blogged on this, but I thought it would be fun to continue the discussion here, if any one cares to.

At first, I was shocked by the news (which came a day or so after the W3C unveiled its shiny new HTML5 logo!). But after some consideration, I'm starting to think it does make a bit of sense … though it will make life difficult in that it will now be harder to identify what's new in HTML without a buzzword … unless we'll just keep the buzzword anyway (but it won't be quite the same). I won't repeat all the arguments that others have already put, though. Here are a few I've read, such as:

Ian Hickson's announcement and people's comments
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