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    Thoughts & question on Apple's new website and its usage of js

    Today, I noticed that Apple updated their website. In this thread I asked what people's thoughts on it were, but one of the main things I noticed in the mac and or the iPod pages is that the content elegantly spreads outward form the centre and fades in when the document is loaded.

    So, I have a few questions, How would one do this?
    I know the fading can be done with jQuery, but what about the fanning-out form the centre?
    And also how the fade order is from top to bottom not what loads first is one of the aspects that makes it elegant, I believe. How would one do this?

    Secondly, do you believe this is a wast of javascript?

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    They are using scriptaculous, prototype and some sort of apple framework.

    I can think about the fanning out modifying their css with a transformation. So you load the page by making the images overlap in the center with CSS, and then, do a transformation in the css to the right place with an animation.

    If you notice when you load the page, there is 'loading' image. So they wait for the content to be loaded and then they can control how the content is presented.

    I think that is where the web is going, to emulate desktop applications with animations and so on, plus wow people :P


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