I did post this in the newsletter forum but it got little response so thst why I am trying here. please see if you can help..

O.K I am doing some marleting for a friends site and they have not had a newsletter sent out for ages but have many adreesses. I need to sort this out immediately. Please note I am not the webmaster for this site but do have ftpo details and contact with the webmaster. I just don't want to mess her around to much.
Currently all of the addresses go into a notepad .txt file. There are lots. I need to organise this. how do I do it ?

I need to send all of these people a newsletter but also have a way for them to unsubsribe. i am sure they have the same sytems set of for this as collecting them.
Whats the easiest way to do this. I don't want to set up databases or anything, just a simple way other than sending them all out in outlook !!!!!!! Remember I have them all in a .txt file at the moment.

I also do not want to go remote with this I would like to keep it on out server

Many thanks