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    Simple tool for synchronizing tables?

    I'm looking for a simple tool to synchronize mysql tables. I simply want to keep my local db more or less (!) in sync with the remote db. I can't use replication because in many cases the databases are on shared hosting. I don't need to have an exact local copy of the remote db, I just need this tool to do the following:

    1. Check for primary keys on both the local and remote server and download (insert) only the missing rows. And delete the rows that are not present on the remote db.

    2. Even simpler: get the MAX() auto-increment value for both the local and remote tables, and download only the new rows that don't exist locally.

    I need this mainly for tables which store archival data (logs, history, reports, etc.) - they are the ones that grow the most and it is often not practical to make and recreate the whole dump every time a few more records have been added.

    I know there is SqlYog which can synchronize tables but I'm looking for something cheaper or free. My needs are simple so I could easily write my own script (in php) to do this but maybe someone has already made a tool like this? I need it to run in Windows.

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    I was in need of similar tool, however all the ones that satisfied my needs are priced thousands of dollars so I ended up making my own. I suggest you do that too.


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