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    A Funny Experiment in PHP

    Today I did a funny experiment with my friend that, I retrieved her web-page through curl and showed her that, her page is on my web-page.

    But suddenly she shocked me by showing 1 thing due to which, I am not able to retrieve her page.
    Now what i see on my page is "IP - zzz.zz.zzz.zzz is blocked."

    When I asked her, she told me that by this way we can block any IP of website, which is accessing our site data.

    Then I took it as challenge and told her to beat her statement, but not able to figure out what I need to do to win this competition.

    Someone please help.
    I also tried file_get_contents, but it is also generating the same message that IP is blocked.

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    You can't.

    Just admit to her that you've learned that you can't, say you're sorry for the poor joke, and ask her to unblock you.

    Thread Closed.


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