Just wanted to start a thread to see who else here has had virus troubles...

- What virus did you have?
- How do you think you got it?
- How did you attempt to fix it?
- What happened in the end?

I (over a year ago) was bitten hard by Chernobyl (sp?)...W95.CIH...nearly screwed up my computer, but I came out alright. No idea where it came from, probably some random forwarded joke email, or something along the lines.

The virus was apparently still on my system afterwards, but my computer still ran fine, and the virus was only set to operate each April 26th...

I recently tried to install a network card to connect to a cable modem, and the virus basically prevented us from getting anything to work properly. I backed up my infected data onto 3 zip disks, did a quick-restore with that handy little CD my computer came with, and tried installing some freeware version of Norton...it wouldn't run.

I quick-restored again and this time I bought Norton AntiVirus 6 online, downloaded it, and made a Resuce Disk Set. I tried to run a scan but could not...so I used the Disk Set and 3 and a half hours later, it had scanned through my hard drive and picked out the culprits...apparently the quick-restore doesn't wipe out all files.

I still can't run Norton's general system scan (an error about the NAV32.DLL file being moved or altered - or something like that), however my computer is on the network now and everything seems alright.

What a nightmare...it's so sad and pathetic (and maddening) that some people choose to use their skills in such an evil, destructive way...

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