Hey all,
I feel terrible asking such a newbie question- but it has been such a quest building my portfolio website myself.

I am using a simple accordion menu script on a php site based on the Stacey app. The issue is when ever I run things normally- everything is fine, as soon as I rewrite htaccess as .htaccess the javascript menu goes haywire....

I have a thread up on their site already with a link to the live site- don't wanna repost my link:


I have everything posted there.... I'm pretty sure it has something to do with jquery and .htaccess rewrites- guessing this because the site works fine until rewrite to .htaccess, and even then if I manually add a '/?' to the end of 'localhost' or 'domain.com' it will work. This is where I lack knowledge and don't really even know what to search for!


after tinkering in some more on chrome's element inspector, I found that with clean urls enabled the page comes back with three errors:

but reads the 4th javascript no problem-

Hope someone is able to help.