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    How is a comma-separated value from a subquery interpreted in an IN() clause?

    I have a table called system_vars that stores among other things a comma-separated list of integers - '66,55,44,33' etc.

    If I use that field in a subquery inside of an IN() statement, is there a way to have the result interpreted as individual integers instead of a single string?


    SELECT * FROM `products` WHERE category_id NOT IN(SELECT sys_val FROM system_vars WHERE sys_var = 'excluded_cats');

    * Please do not say "Normalize the table". I know it's not the best design, but it's what I was handed and changing it is not possible at the moment.

    EDIT: But I would be OK if the solution involved creating a normalized temp table. I just wasn't sure how to split the value using only MySQL commands.

    PS: The final solution needs to be usable in a view.
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