Jees, some of the sites I saw made me laugh my brains out, and some made me want to scream. I think made me do both. How can that guy call himself a web designer? Not only does he suck at design, he doesnt know anything, and look what he said: "Small business websites are full of excitement and graphics. There are moving pictures called animated GIFs all over the place. There is moving text that scrolls across the bottom of the screen and pictures that change when you put your mouse over them. There is every bell and whistle that you can imagine. These sites take a lot of time to make. Every bell or whistle you want takes time. Time means money. Bells and whistles mean enticement. Why there are even songs called MIDIs that play music in the background."

I cant believe that.

that's the funniest thing I've read all summer. Good god.