I am getting near the end of the designing my site. Hopefully after a month or so it will be content time and theres a lot !

However at the start this was going to be a small bodybuilding site, but as I built it ideas evolved and its looking more like a 50 + page site ! This is going to be too much for me to manage on my own...

So what do I do ?

There are 3 sections with 4 articles in each. Thats 12.. These will be monthly updated so thats 12 articles a month.. I also have a department section but I am hoping to attract some semi pro's to write in return for some personal training advertising for them, so that should be o.k..

Basically with 12 new articles a month plus whatever else I have in mind like competitionms etc., I need someone..

They need to know the topic and be extrememly interested in it, and from a regular forum I visit I have some people in mind.

What can I offer them though ? The only money that will be made is through advertisments and lets face it thats gonna be low.. Also in the future I want to possibly open an online shop or partner with a clothing company if poss...

Its just that I built this site all by myself and offering anyone like 30% or 50% cuts of what might be made seems a lot and I don't want to lose control over MY idea and project. But then a gain I can't expect people to find articles or write them every month and help me for nothing...

I will advertise that readers can submit articles with full acknowledgements given but I can't rely on this especially in the early stages..

What do you think I should do ?



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