I *know* that getting listed in internet and PC magazines brings in a lot of traffic, but also a lot of links on sites of readers. My site has been listed (as far as I know) in the biggest Internet Magazine in Belgium, in a newspaper and a computer magazine and at the time I was listed they brought me about 75% of my traffic.

I wouldn't have been listed in the Internet Magazine, nor would I be listed in the PC magazine if I hadn't send them an email regarding my site. Therefore I would want to ask everyone to post some email addresses of PC and Internet Magazines so we all can recommend our sites to them. I will post a list of email addresses of Belgian Magazines later.


ps: list the mails with an # instead an @ because boards are scanned for emails and than often spammed, and we don't want that. So billgates@msn.com would become billgates#msn.com

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