There have been some good points here. Since Napster has been in the news so much, I've learned alot about the people who use the service. Many of them are people who go looking for songs that can't be found elsewhere. Such as this guy who wanted songs from a specific culture which was not supported locally, he turned to Napster and found it.

I disagree with Adam somewhat, when you download 20 songs from Napster you probably aren't hurting the artist, but moreso the RIAA.

I agree with a post I saw on another board. The RIAA has a chance to regulate an organized and structured way of exchanging MP3's. If they loose this chance, they may never get it back. Exchanging MP3's won't stop simply because Napster is shut down, it just won't be as obvious or as organised.

I believe there's alot more to it then, these songs are copyright lets get rid of it. It's combatting traditional law with the latest technology. Maybe the Court of Appeals realised this, which is why they got a temporary reprieve. It'll be good to see the final outcome of this case.


PS - I've never used Napster so I don't actually know much about the service.
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